My grandmother says that in fact the explanation of the trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumans a doesn’t interest her, because she doesn’t like ants. But the format is now this, and someone else who wants to know who those people in costume are and what Bill Murray is doing there will be there, right? (Which, as far as Murray’s role is concerned, also includes me).


And so. Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man ( Paul Rudd ) is a former convict and, apparently, employee of the year for a well-known ice cream company – product placement, ka-ching! – But he is also a super hero and has made it to his third personal film, also directed by Peyton Reed . A director who for seven years Feige has locked up where the Ant-Man films are made , and silent.

They are, the times we live in, those in which the ant man has three films under his belt, and Spider Woman Jessica Drew is still halfway there. Uncertain, difficult times.

He goes to the first of something, Lang, with his partner also in adventures Hope van Dyne, aka Wasp ( Evangeline Lilly ), and everyone appreciates him,


In short, everything would be booming for that silhouette of Lang … were it not that even here, as in Spider-Man: No Way Home , there is a teenager who does not mind his own business and risks messing everything up. Cassandra “Cassie” Lang, who has been the heroine known first as Stature and then as Stinger in the comics for years, and has the same powers as her father, is played here by Kathryn Newton . Yes, she has grown and in fact the character has reached her third actress of hers. Well, nay, bad: Cassie starts tinkering with a VERY DANGEROUS science cazzabubbola that no one has asked her for. What can she ever go wrong?

Janet van Dyne ( Michelle Pfeiffer ), who knows how dangerous the Quantum Realm is, doesn’t have time to tell her to put that stuff away, that Scott, Cassie, Janet (and obviously the others too, so much so that we find them all over there in the other scenes) go straight to the Quantum Realm. ‘Those damn kids, oh.

The Quantum Realm is a bizarre world populated by even weirder creatures. Pretty much the MCU equivalent of a fusion of Marvel Comics’ Negative Zone – Fantastic Four’s land of adventue * wink * *) and the Microverse. Name that could not be used for the MCU, because the Microverse was related to Baron Karza and the other Micronauts, toy characters related to Jeeg and protagonists of a Marvel comic for years (1979–1986). The Microverse name is now from Hasbro, and so they chose to call it Quantum Realm in the MCU, as you know.

But who are those weird guys? They could be the Anacronauts (Anachronauts), practically the Avengers assembled by Kang, fishing them from various eras, to defend his Chronopolis.

and finally, again, Kang the Conqueror ( Jonathan Majors ), one of the incarnations of which we have already seen in Loki . Who this time traveler is and how he is somehow related to the * wink * Fantastic Four * wink * we told it here at the time .

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released in theaters on February 15th. If you’re wondering what new Marvel characters will be introduced by the movie, four, for example, and synonymous-with-the-Incredibles, don’t look this way because I have no idea