When  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series came to an end almost immediately, Marvel confirmed that a fourth Captain America movie was already in development. While it was only revealed to the team behind the script for this project, many believed that Anthony Mackie, who now plays the title character, was going to be involved. A new report confirms that this actor will retake the shield for the next adventure on the big screen.


According to Deadline,  Anthony Mackie has signed the contract that guarantees his participation in  Captain America 4It is currently unknown if Sebastian Stan, in charge of Bucky Barnes and who we recently saw in the same Disney + series, will reprise his role for this film.

Regarding the team behind the scenes, at the moment, it is only mentioned that Malcolm Spellman, creator and writer of  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is in charge of the script of the film. At the moment, there is no director for the project. Similarly, although reports indicate that Chris Evans will return to the MCU somehow,  the medium mentions that we will not see Steve Rogers in  Captain America 4.

Considering that the fourth phase of the MCU already has its future planned, it will likely take a couple of years before seeing  Captain America 4  in theatres. It will probably be part of the fifth phase of this cinematic universe.