Antony Starr , the interpreter of Patriot in the Amazon series The Boys , was arrested in Spain after a fight in a club.


The Daily Mail reports that the incident took place in Alicante, where Starr is due to the shooting of The Interpreter , the next film by Guy Ritchie .

Starr was drinking in a pub late at night when he came to blows withBathuel Araujo, 21-year-old Venezuelan chef. Araujo said the altercation started after a friend of his told a friend of Starr’s to calm the actor down because he was acting unpleasant. For his part, Starr, under the influence of alcohol, would respond with two punches in the face before hitting him with a glass, causing a cut above one eye then medicated with four stitches in the hospital.

Starr was therefore kicked out of the club, but the clash continued outside the club at a later time. At that point, Araujo, who didn’t recognize Starr, claims the actor threatened him in English:

You don’t know who you are against, you don’t know who I am and what you did […]. You made the mistake of your life and I will come looking for you. I want to kill you.

Sentence suspended

Antony Starr was therefore arrested and spent two nights in detention, before being tried for direct Thursday. Starr was sentenced to twelve months in prison and a € 4,141 fine. The sentence was suspended, “on the condition that he does not commit any more crimes for two years and pays the compensation within the next 72 hours,” reveals a court official. The actor’s intoxication “was taken into account as a mitigating factor”.

Amazon (which produces both The Boys and The Interpreter ) hasn’t released any releases for now. Season 3 of The Boys has already been shot, so that shouldn’t have any effect on its airing, scheduled for June 3.