Apple changes the chip and is considering selling a Mac with a touch screen

Apple is planning a radical change in the way it designs its MacBook laptops .

Bloomberg reports that the Californian giant is working on a project that would bring touch screens to Macs.

For years, Apple has avoided equipping its computers with touch screens. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple , considered its inclusion “ergonomically terrible.”

Paradigm shift at Apple

That is why Apple respected an unwritten rule: touch screens are for iPads and not Macs .

However, the resurgence of the Mac with the launch of Apple Silicon has made this division more important, and the company wants to keep its computers as competitive as possible.

“Based on current deliberations, the company could launch its first touchscreen Mac in 2025 as part of a large upgrade to MacBook Pros , according to people who cannot be identified because the plans are private,” Bloomberg says .

This first MacBook Pro with a touch screen would maintain the standard design, but incorporate support for gestures and touches with its screen, as in the iPhone and iPad .

Apple in a good position

Despite the fact that the last quarter of 2022 was bad for the computer market , Apple has established itself as the fourth brand with the most shipments in the world.

Gartner estimates that Apple will ship 27.9 million computers in 2022. This puts it below Lenovo (68.9 million), HP Inc. (55.5 million), and Dell (50 million), but above Asus (20.6 million) and Acer ( 18.7 million).