Apple could raise the price of the iPhone 15 Pro

Various changes in the new Apple cell phones would justify its first price increase since 2017.


Will the new iPhones be more expensive? A recent report by Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Securities investment firm, says yes.

As indicated, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will experience a price increase.

Apple ‘s most premium models currently start at $999 in the United States (excluding taxes). This trend has continued since the iPhone X , introduced in 2017.

Why would the price of the iPhone 15 Pro go up?

Jeff Pu indicated that several changes to the device will justify the price increase.

Among these, it envisions a titanium chassis, haptic buttons, the A17 Bionic chip , more RAM, a periscopic lens with increased optical zoom, among others.

Apple is also expected to adopt the USB-C connector in this new generation of iPhone , something that will attract more attention than other versions.

The truth is that Apple has been increasing the price of its iPhones in the United States. This, accompanied by inflation in that country, makes the possibility of price increases more plausible.

We will know all the details in September, where Apple is expected to maintain the habit of announcing its new iPhones .