Apple could take actions so that you buy special USB-C cables on its iPhone 15

Apple could limit the functionality of USB-C for cables not certified by the company.


European Union regulations would make Apple (finally) incorporate a USB-C port on its iPhones after adopting this connector on its other products.

The Apple -proprietary Lightning connector that originally appeared on the iPhone 5 (2012) would finally be history.

Apple doing its thing?

But Apple could take action to keep Lightning and specialized accessories alive, at least when it comes to accessories.

The rumor was picked up by 9to5mac from Weibo , where it is stated that Apple has developed a special circuit that will be able to integrate USB-C and Lightning into the iPhone 15 .

USB-C is just one form of connector, but it can have variations, such as in different devices that can augment features like Thunderbolt .

According to the rumor, the special circuitry could limit the functions of “normal” USB-C cables , while cables with Apple certifications could allow benefits such as high-speed data transfer or fast charging.

9to5mac notes that this integration could actually be beneficial, as it would be implemented so that accessories built for the Lightning connector under the Made for iPhone (MFi) certification work seamlessly when using an adapter.

Apple is expected to present its new iPhone 15 in September, so we have more than seven months of rumors left in one of the gadgets that attracts the most attention each year.