Apple executive assures that Samsung copied the iPhone “and put a bigger screen”

The phrases of the head of marketing of Apple , Greg Joswiak, are published in a documentary of the launch of the first iPhone.


Great commotion have caused the statements of Apple ‘s marketing chief , Greg Joswiak, about the “plagiarism” that Samsungcommitted to the iPhone .

The statements were shared in the documentary made by the Wall Street Journal on the evolution of the iPhone since its first version.

Plagiarism, but with the big screen

A segment of the interview reflects that Android smartphones got bigger screens years before the iPhone. When asked what factor Samsung and other Android smartphone makers had in Apple at the time, Joswiak admitted that they were “annoying” and accused them of miscopying the company’s technology.

“They were annoying,” Joswiak said. “And they were upset because, as you know, they copied our technology. They took the innovations that we had created and they made a poor copy of it, and they just put a bigger screen around it,” he says.

This was “seen” during the launch of the Galaxy S4 with a 5″ screen when the iPhone 5 had 4″.

And that led to a lawsuit

Apple sued Samsung in 2011 for patent infringement, alleging that the South Korean company copied the iPhone design with its own line of Galaxy smartphones. Apple was initially awarded about $1 billion in damages, but the amount was reduced in a subsequent retrial.

The full documentary can be viewed on The Wall Street Journal website and offers an interesting look back at the iPhone over the years.