Apple faces a new privacy lawsuit for secretly collecting data from its users

Apple promises not to collect privacy data from users, but continues to do so in secret, according to the lawsuit.

Apple has been sued for the fourth time for collecting data from its users through its own apps despite the fact that the option is not activated.

Three of the four class action lawsuits have been filed this January and he comes after a Gizmodo report warning of this problem.

What is Apple accused of?

According to the research, Apple apps like the App Store, Apple Stocks, Apple Music, Apple News, and iPhone Analytics collect very detailed data about user behavior.

Since there, four lawsuits have been filed against the company. In November, one class action lawsuit was filed from California, while the other three came this January from Pennsylvania, New York and California again.

“As privacy concerns have grown, Apple has sought to position itself as a leader in promoting how its mobile devices allow users to control the information they share,” plaintiff Julia Cima argued in the lawsuit. “However, Apple does not comply with user requests to restrict data sharing.”

Apple has not spoken about it.

What does Apple collect?

The Mysk firm maintains that the iPhone is capable of sending analytics data to Apple from native iOS apps and regardless of whether the user has granted or denied the permissions.

Testing shows that everything you’re doing in certain apps is shared, not just the things you type or touch, but even how much time you spend on certain pages and what ads and content.

On the App Store, for example, searches for and downloads of specific apps can reveal anything from users’ sexual orientation to religion to sensitive health issues like addiction and substance abuse.