Apple gives away six months of Apple TV + to all the lucky ones who have a PlayStation 5

Do you have a PlayStation 5 ? Well, congratulations, because you have not only had luck getting it despite the shortage of available units. Apple has launched a joint promotion with Sony that allows you to redeem six months of Apple TV + for free just for having the console. A gift of about 30 euros.

The official PlayStation website confirms that this offer is valid for Spain, Argentina, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, and Mexico, so the borders do not imply limitations.

The rules are as follows: you have time to redeem those six months until July 22, 2022 (one year), and of course, you will need to have your Apple ID account active with an integrated payment method. Once the six months have passed, unless you unsubscribe, the service will begin to charge you 4.99 euros per month. The free period will be activated once you have downloaded the Apple TV app on your PlayStation 5 and log in with your ID.

It is not specified, but it is possible that those six months can be accumulated to the year or three free months that Apple gives you with the purchase of one of its devices. The only case where you cannot redeem the offer is if you have an activated Apple One plan.