Apple halts all online iPhone sales in Russia

The virtual Apple Store has stopped all its sales in Russia after the armed conflict against Ukraine.

Apple has stopped all sales of iPhone and more devices through its online Apple Store in Russia .

When browsing Apple ‘s online store in Russia , all Apple products now report “currently not available” for sale.

Ukrainian Minister Mykhailo Federov reportedly said ‘thank you, Tim Cook’ in response to the news.

Federov has previously asked Apple to stop operating all services in Russia, including iCloud and the App Store. Many other technology and media companies have already limited the access of Russian state-backed media.

Support for Ukraine

A few days ago, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, had broken the silence and supported Ukraine in a tweet.

“I am deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We are doing everything we can for our teams there and will support local humanitarian efforts. I think of the people who are in danger right now and I join all those who call for peace,” Cook said.

Apple halted sales in Turkey last year in response to dramatic currency fluctuations . The Russian ruble is experiencing a similar disruption this week as investors react to short and long-term shocks to the Russian economy .