Apple helps you take medicine with iOS and watchOS

Apple announces support for medicines in iOS and watchOS at its WWDC 2022 event.


Apple maintains its cross-platform additions and integrations with iOS and watchOS, its watch software. In this case, the new feature to highlight in the update is based on how often we take medicine at WWDC 2022.

This new version of watchOS includes medication intake monitoring and alerts. With the Apple Watch, we can set reminders to take our medicines or give them to a family member. This tool syncs with iOS to efficiently schedule doses.

Also, we can use the iPhone to scan the barcode of the medicine and add it to our database. The system allows drugs to be added from an extensive database coordinated with laboratories so that the information displayed is complete on the device.

Another important point of this new feature for iOS and watchOS is the interaction of other substances during our medicine consumption, such as the dangers of ingesting alcohol or any other element while we are under the effect of the medicine.