Apple: How to clean an iPad and its accessories?

Apple devices and accessories need to be properly cleaned to last longer.


Apple ‘s technological devices are some of the most requested in the market due to their good performance and incredible design. 

It is for this reason that it must be taken into account that these devices cannot be cleaned with any type of material.

The iPad is a device that is used regularly and therefore is in contact with different surfaces, such as tables, beds, among others. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out adequate cleaning to maintain good aesthetics and adequate performance. This guide will collect the steps for proper cleaning of an iPad and its accessories.

What steps to follow for a correct cleaning?

In this guide you will learn the recommendations for proper cleaning of Apple devices , whether it is a Mac, iPad or iPhone, since the materials used for their manufacture are different and each one has a cleaning requirement.

  1. As the devices are of a delicate design, it is necessary to use a soft and lint-free cloth, instead of rough cloth, paper, among other similar materials.
  2. Continuous cleaning should also be avoided, as it may damage the device.
  3. In addition, care must be taken with moisture, it must not enter through any openings in the product.
  4. Avoid the use of aerosols and other toxic substances in the device.
  5. The use of cleaners should not go directly on the iPad
  6. Do not forget the care of the accessories, these must be disconnected, if they are not being used.
  7. Lastly, bleach, abrasive substances, or cleaning fluids should not be used on Apple devices unless otherwise noted on the product .

With the advice in this guide, Apple products will be aesthetically presentable and their performance will continue to last. Remember that the devices are an investment so it is recommended to keep them in optimal condition.