Apple is planning to include USB-C in devices beyond the iPhone by 2024

Not only the iPhone would arrive with the new USB-C port, but also the rest of the Apple ecosystem .


Apple is preparing to make the leap to one of its biggest hardware changes in recent years with the inclusion of the USB-C port .

Although initially it was believed that this change would come only for the iPhone , a new report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg indicates that a large part of the ecosystem would take this turn by 2024.

Not just the iPhone

According to the new report, Apple is pressing USB-C for standard AirPods, Pro versions, and future models.

Additionally, Mac accessories like Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad would also have a USB-C charging port.

Apple is due to update its Mac lineup with a new iMac and Mac Pro next year, and since the release of new Macs typically “coincides with accessory updates,” says Gurman, “it’s a safe bet those accessories will move to USB .” -C on your next move.”

Of course, the iPhone would also make this leap

Thanks to the European Union

That Apple changes its ports is not fortuitous.

The European Parliament has approved that, in order for a computer to be distributed in its markets, it must have a standard USB – C port from 2024.

The law has already been approved and will require that, mainly iPhone , abandon its different port, in this case Lightning.

Apple technically wouldn’t have to comply with the upcoming European Union law until it launches the iPhone 17 in spring 2025, as there’s a two-year grace period to get in order.

Despite this, Gurman believes that Apple will “easily beat the expiration date with its most visible products.”