Apple is planning to launch iPhone without SIM tray by 2022

Rumors indicate that Apple wants to start working with eSIM in the United States.


Apple wants to launch an iPhone model without a SIM trayby this very 2022.

This is how MacRumors collects , who points out that Apple is advising US telephone operators to start working on eSIMs for their next teams.


The eSIM are virtual cards that can be activated via WiFi networks . By not working with a physical chip, they would allow manufacturers to ditch this slot and take advantage of the space for other components such as a larger battery.

The iPhone 13 already have this support, but it still keeps the flag for the physical SIM .

As part of the transition, some US carriers will reportedly begin offering select iPhone 13 models without an in-box nano-SIM card in Q2 2022.

Given this rumor, Apple is expected to launch two types of iPhone 14: some with a physical nanoSIM tray and others without a tray, exclusively with eSIM, since not all countries and operators have this technology.

Former Apple chief designer Jony Ive once envisioned that the iPhone would become a “single slab of glass,” and removing the SIM card slot would be another step toward perfect design and improved weather resistance. water in the process.