Apple is selling a screen cleaning cloth for $19

Again, Apple surprises us with its products .

Apple introduced new MacBook Pros and third-generation AirPods , but that’s not all.

There is a new item that Apple has released: a screen cleaning cloth.

Apple’s “Polishing Cloth” or “polishing cloth” is on sale now for $ 19 at the Apple Store.

“Made with soft, non-abrasive material. The polishing cloth cleans any Apple screen , including nano-textured glass, safely and effectively, ”the description states.

Apple took the job of including an extensive ” compatibility list ” for the article, which has already been dubbed “the rag” on social media.

When we review the “compatible” iPhone , curiously they are those that can be updated to iOS 15 .

The Apple cleaning cloth is also for sale in Europe. The Apple Store in Spain lists it for 25 euros (about US $ 29 to change).

Something very apple

Apple always has products that are curious about their price. In 2019, the “Pro Stand” for your Mac Pro came out with a price tag of $ 999 .

Also, the wheels for the Mac Pro are sold from US $ 400 .