Apple is testing nine Mac models with M2 processors

The next generation of Apple Silicon has already entered testing in all Mac lines .


Apple has started internal testing of its second-generation processor on at least nine Mac computer models and with third-party apps on its digital store.

The company finalizes the arrival of the new computers that are currently part of internal tests, which indicates that they will arrive in the coming months, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman.

The internal evidence appears in company records, and has been corroborated by people familiar with the matter.

Tests on various Mac models

Specifically, they are running four versions of the M2 processor , second-generation Apple Silicon , and third-party apps from the App Store .

Gurman has detailed that in the tests there is at least one MacBook Air , a Mac mini , three MacBook Pros (a basic, 14-inch and 16-inch) and a Mac Pro . The processors go by various code names: M2 (with eight cores for the CPU and ten for the GPU), M2 Pro , M2 Max (12-core CPU and 38-core GPU), and the successor to the M1 Ultra . Some computers are being tested with different processors, making a total of nine models.

Along with these teams, Gurman says that Apple is also testing a Mac mini with the M1 Pro and M1 Mac processors .

Will we soon see Macs with M2?

It’s too early to tell. However, Apple could reveal details of its new generation of Apple Silicon at WWDC 22 in early June.

With information from Europe Press