Apple is working on an iPhone SE with 5G by the middle of this year

The ‘affordable’ cell phone would seek to already provide 5G connectivity to its users.


Apple is working on an iPhone SE with 5G connectivity by mid-2022, according to Bloomberg.

According to the report, Apple wants to update this series, the most affordable of its models, so that it can capture 5G , a network that is being expanded in the world.

According to the information, the iPhone SE with 5G would arrive with an iPhone A15 processor and its presentation would take place in March or April.

The mission of this new iPhone would be to help Apple have a presence among the mid-range with 5G, for now a field dominated by Android phones .

“The third generation iPhone SE is emerging as a major instrument that will help Apple establish its presence in the segment of 5G smartphones in the mid-range,” says TrendForce .

Little changes

Due to the low cost approach for the SE equipment, no major changes are expected from previous models, although some details such as internal storage could be updated.

Also, a larger battery is expected for 5G use .

The current model’s $ 399 price tag helps Apple reach some customers who might not otherwise justify an iPhone. The company may not want to do anything that could lead to even a small price increase.