Apple leads the market for wireless headphones in a business with little growth in pandemic

The True Wireless Stereo (TWS) market shows little growth, with Apple and Xiaomi at the forefront of the wireless headphone business.


The TWS market has shown low growth compared to previous years. In the second quarter of 2021, the business achieved growth of just 6.4%, with 58.3 million units sold, the lowest figure in three years.

In this scenario, Apple remains first in the smart audio market but has registered its first decline: the tech giant fell below 30% in market share. The AirPods TWS fell 25.7 percentage points to only 15.0 million units shipped in the second quarter of this year, according to Canalys.

However, Apple is expected to increase its numbers with the launch of new AirPods. ” Despite the ups and downs, Apple’s key advantage is clear: it has an ecosystem of users that is very loyal to its products and is one of the few smart device vendors that has a greater influence on content,” said Jason Low. , Canalys research director.

Xiaomi, another giant in TWS

On the other hand, Xiaomi ranks second in the TWS market with 5.3 million units shipped and is fighting for the position with Samsung

“Since the end of 2019, the two have been evenly matched. While Xiaomi has definitely moved up the value chain, offering more premium TWS products, Samsung is catching up by beefing up both private label and sub-brand TWS offerings. , especially with JBL under the Harman subsidiary, “said Cynthia Chen, a research analyst at Canalys.

The other categories of the market, wireless headphones, and wireless earphones, grew 3.0% and 2.1% reaching 15 million and 26.5 million units sold, respectively.