Apple patents a new glass iPhone: what is it about?

The iPhone of the future? This official patent of the brand reveals the great research of the Cupertino people.

Apple is investigating the creation of a glass iPhone , according to a new patent found.

Discovered by Patently Apple , this patent titled ” Electronic device with glass enclosure ” shows what an iPhone with glass finishes could look like everywhere.

What changes in this “futuristic” iPhone?

As the sketch shows , the glass finish would be on six sides, which will have six flexible screens that can accommodate the curvature of the material and function as touch regions.

These sides would have their own openings, specifically for microphone or speakers.

The electronic device may further include a force sensing system configured to detect a deformation of the region and, in response, change the operation of the electronic device.

Depending on the orientation in which we use the phone, the software would take care of displaying the information dynamically

Apple specifically notes that “electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other small and / or handheld devices, may be subject to impacts, drops, and other potentially damaging events.” Accordingly, the cabinets described in this document can be configured with variable wall thicknesses to help increase strength, durability, resistance to cracks or other physical properties, in certain areas of the enclosures.

As is known, patents may or may not reach the market, so it will be a matter of time to see if Apple continues its investigations or abandons its study.