Apple patents a system to protect folding screens against falls

There are no clear signs that Apple will sell a foldable iPhone anytime soon .


As we see more and more foldable Android phones , Apple is taking its time.

It is not clear if we will see an iPhone with a folding screen soon, but it has been known that Apple is working on a system to protect its screen in a fall.

A new patent filed on February 2, 2022 and published on March 16 of this year shows an ingenious system.

Apple and its protection for foldables

The patent indicates that a “self-retracting screen” system will be used in the event of a fall.

Through a sensor, a fall detector or an accelerometer, a potential fall could be detected and a folded cell phone automatically closed .

Although it cannot be closed completely, the patent ensures that a fall that impacts the edges will be better than one that affects the folding screen .