Apple patents a virtual reality system for a ‘windowless’ car

The much-rumored Apple Car may be windowless and completely self-driving.

It is a fact that Apple  is working on a vehicle, although it has not been officially announced. It has registered trademarks, executives from other car companies have come to the company and patents have been made official for this purpose. But we might finally have a hint of what the now-called Apple Car might look like .

Rumors aside, Apple has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office  for a virtual reality system for a ‘car with few or no windows’.

Is this what the Apple Car will look like?

The car is expected to have full autonomous driving capability and is rumored to work exactly like an Apple iPhone. With the help of the voice assistant, Siri, the car could also be parked in a specific place.

Some patents that the technology company has acquired indicate that Apple could hide the steering wheel of the car and it would only emerge in an emergency.

Apple recently hired veteran Ford executive Desi Ujkashevic to oversee the car’s development. Reports also suggest that Apple has collaborated with a South Korean semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) outsourced company to build the car’s autopilot technology.

Through the virtual reality in-car entertainment system, passengers will be able to fully immerse themselves in their location-based experiences on the headset. The virtual reality content is intended to sync with the movement and acceleration of the Apple Car and will be based on the passenger’s journey.

The reason Apple Car  could be windowless is to reduce motion sickness and passengers could have a window-like experience through their VR headsets that would access cameras installed on the outside of the car.

The car is expected to launch in 2025, but Apple has yet to confirm that.