Apple plans to release a ‘more expensive’ iPhone model in 2024

The reported new iPhone would cost even more than the current Pro Max models.


Apple is planning to release a new ‘Ultra’ range model of the iPhone  above the Pro Max by 2024.

According to Bloomberg ‘s Mark Gurman , in addition to being a more expensive device than the rest, it would also cause an increase in the average sales of the cell phone.

users pay more

In the middle of his investor call, Tim Cook hinted that consumers are willing to pay more for the best phone.

This was reflected in 2022, when the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models were the best sellers over the standard and Plus models.

But instead of renaming the Pro Max “Ultra,” Apple could add an even higher-end iPhone on top of both Pro models. Internally, the company has discussed doing just that, possibly in time for the launch of the Pro Max. iPhone in 2024”, refers Gurman in his newsletter.

no details yet

Gurman says it’s currently unclear what features the new high-end model might provide, but he speculates that an even bigger screen is a possibility, as well as better cameras and even more advanced chip designs. However, he doesn’t expect a foldable form factor to be the differentiator.

Obviously, Apple started the Ultra brand bandwagon with the Apple Watch last year . Apple Watch Ultra offers an even larger screen, a titanium body with a unique industrial design, and features not found on other watches, such as enhanced diving capabilities, a siren, and an action button.