Apple prepares to bet more on advertising on its devices

Apple wants to diversify revenue and make its Services stronger.


Apple claims to think first of user privacy, something that has made enemies in Silicon Valley .

Companies like Meta , Facebook ‘s parent company , say they have lost billions of dollars from advertising since Apple decided to put more locks on how they access information.

We recently learned what was going on behind the scenes, when Apple initially sought to share in Facebook ‘s advertising revenue, before striking a blow with iOS 14.5 .

Apple earns billions from advertising and is preparing to show more and more of it to users, Bloomberg reported .

Does Apple display advertising?

For now, Apple has limited its advertising to a few apps that come pre-installed on iPhones .

The Stocks and News apps have display ads, as does the App Store , which also displays ads similar to those found in Google searches .

An (undisclosed) percentage of News revenue goes to the media that make the stories, and Apple also keeps part of the advertising that goes with them.

And Apple has the power to make very well-targeted ads to users, as its advertising system uses data from its other services.

Yes. This is the company that always says: “privacy first”.

What is positive is that Apple allows you to disable the “personalization” of the ads, although you can still use more generic data such as your operator, device and the content you review in the aforementioned apps.

Apple and advertising: a business that wants to grow

The publicity took its place in the most recent call with investors and analysts at Apple .

Luca Maestri, Apple ‘s financial director , analyzed the company’s Services and considered that the company should strengthen its digital advertising.

Apple earned $40.6 billion from iPhone sales in the latest reported quarter. Its second largest source of revenue was Services , at $19.6 billion.

Bloomberg ‘s Mark Gurman believes Apple will expand advertising to its Maps app (Apple Maps) , then add Apple Books and Apple Podcasts .