Apple prohibits its employees from using ChatGPT

The move is taken as a security measure to protect Apple from leaks.


It’s not just Samsung . Apple has joined the list of companies that prohibits the use of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT .

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has made this decision as a security measure to prevent leaks.

“There is concern within Apple that workers using these types of programs could reveal confidential information,” according to the document.

Apart from ChatGPT , Apple workers will not be able to use Copilot from Github , a Microsoft company .

Why is Apple taking these measures?

When users use these artificial intelligence models , the data is sent to developers to improve them, so projects the company is working on may leak.

Apple , which is about to launch its new mixed reality headset, is very strict about preventing future product leaks.

Likewise, Apple is working on its own model of artificial intelligence . This is run by John Gianndrea , who has previous experience at Google .

Other companies like JP Morgan Chase and Verizon have also banned the use of these AI tools , while others like Amazon encourage their engineers to use internal AI products.