Apple puts limits on AirDrop in China… so as not to upset Xi Jinping?

The new iOS version features a change exclusive to iPhones purchased in China .


AirDrop is one of the most convenient features in the Apple ecosystem , allowing easy file sharing between iPhone , iPad and Mac .

However, the new version of the iPhone operating system , iOS 16.1.1, limits its functionality for users who purchased an iPhone in mainland China .

As reported by 9to5Mac , AirDrop has time limits after the update.

When the user chooses “Everyone” instead of “Contacts”, this option will only be active for 10 minutes.

Why is Apple making this change to AirDrop?

There is no clear reason, but 9to5Mac handles a fairly logical hypothesis: prevent images against the government from being shared in China .

Readers of the specialized Apple page have indicated that opponents of President Xi Jinping have been using AirDrop to share propaganda against the Communist Party … Possibly images of Winnie the Pooh

And it would not be the first time that Apple has accepted a “whim” from China . For example, the Taiwanese flag emoji does not exist on iPhones sold in the Asian giant.