Apple ranks as the third most popular laptop brand in the United States

Apple continues to climb in the market share statistics and is about to catch up with its larger laptop rivals .

Apple has increased its market share and is positioned as the thirdmost popular laptop brandin the United States, behind HP and Dell , according to a new survey.

Through October 2021, Apple  has a 24% market share compared to 35 percentage points for HP and 27% for Dell, according to data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey .

The same study ranks Acer in fourth place with 13%, followed by Lenovo with 12%. Samsung is the brand with the lowest rating with only 7%. The data covers US households obtained between July 2020 and September 2021.

Apple growth

Apple’s market share represents a significant jump from previous years. According to information from Aithority Technology Insights , the Cupertino-based company’s laptop division saw 23% year-on-year growth in 2020.

The growth in popularity of Apple’s MacBook line is also a product of the company’s recent transition from Intel chips to its own ARM-based processor. Apple’s investment in the M1 processors is paying off.