Apple releases update for iOS and macOS that patches two zero-day vulnerabilities

Apple is releasing an update that patches newly found vulnerabilities and system bugs for both its iOS and macOS devices .


Apple releases updates for its mobile , tablet , and desktop operating systems that fix two major zero-day vulnerabilities.

As noted by ArsTechinca , these vulnerabilities can be dangerous access for hackers to take control of internal components of operating systems.

Apple credited an anonymous researcher with discovering both vulnerabilities. The first loophole, CVE-2022-22675, resides in macOS for Monterey , on iOS and iPadOS. The flaw stems from an out-of-bounds write issue , which could allow hackers to execute malicious code with kernel privileges.

On the other hand, CVE-2022-22674 is also a flaw resulting from an out-of-bounds read issue  that can lead to kernel memory disclosure .

Update your Apple device

In addition to fixing computer security issues, updating Apple systems such as iOS 15.4.1 also fixes a problem caused by the previous update .

Apparently, iOS 15.4 released with a bug that could cause an iPhone ‘s battery to drain faster than expected.

On your iPhone device, go to  Settings , then select  General , followed by Software Update.