Apple remains the most valuable brand and TikTok surpasses Disney

Apple recently reached the valuation of 3 billion dollars and remains the most valuable company in the world.


The Apple brand remains, too, according to a new report from Brand Finance . This brand is worth 355.1 billion, according to the classification, dominated by technology companies.

2021 meant a year that made technology brands grow more, mainly from the United States and China, which dominate the classification.

Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and Huawei remain in the Top 10.

This is the list of the 20 most valuable brands, according to Brand Finance

Dances beat Mickey Mouse

The classification has caught a giant by surprise. Disney has been overtaken by TikTok , which made its entry into the ranking, parking at 18th place.

The social network, known as Douyin in China, has managed to position itself among the most valuable brands in the world after gaining more popularity in 2021.

On the rise, but not among the first

Tesla (28), Instagram (42), Netflix (56), SK Group (73), YouTube (79), Dell Technologies (87), LG (91), TSMC (93) and Sony (94) are some of the companies in the technology sector that managed to increase the value of their brand.