Apple reportedly canceled iPad Air 5 OLED for 2022

Apple has reportedly simply canceled plans to release an iPad Air 5 with an OLED display next year due to quality and cost concerns, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to investors today. seen by us.
iPad Air OLED: Canceled or postponed? In March, the most famous specialist analyst Apple announced that the company was preparing an ‌iPad Air‌ 5 with an OLED screen for next year. Today, he does an about-face, claiming that Apple canceled the project due to costs and performance not meeting the company’s expectations.

Kuo had previously said that the 11-inch iPad Pro would receive a mini LED display next year, and he confirmed this saying that it would be “at the center of the iPad lineup in 2022”. Currently, only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro includes the new mini-LED technology. According to Kuo, besides the issues of cost, Apple thinks the iPad Air OLED could cannibalize the iPad Pro 11-inch 2022.

This bad news follows a report released earlier this week which stated that Samsung does not provide Apple slab OLED for its next iPad. Tim Cook’s company seemed to believe that Korean did not reach the required quality, especially over the life of the slab.

OLED technology is therefore still too expensive to include it on a mid-range iPad, which justifies that it has so far been limited to more compact devices such as iPhones and Apple Watches. Too bad, because OLED brings improved brightness, higher contrast, deeper blacks and wider viewing angles. It is rumored that the future 2022 MacBook Pro could benefit from it within a year …

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