Apple services already exceed 900 million users

Apple has consistently increased the number of users on Apple One and other services .


Apple maintains leadership in the global technology arena, and its recent quarterly report proves it . 

Over time, the services added to the platform have begun to generate significant income for the company, which still bases its solid business on the sale of hardware .

 Now, the range of apple software solutions reaches a stupendous level of performance: more than 900 million subscribed users.

It was the financial director Luca Maestri who highlighted Apple’s robust user base in terms of paid services, not a minor point compared to streaming and storage platforms. According to the results, Apple has grown sustainably by 5% each year.

In total, Apple’s monthly subscribers accounted for $19.19 billion in revenue , having gained access to more storage from iCloud, Apple TV+, Apple Music and others.

Apple grows in software

This figure represents a growth of 154 million users compared to 2021, and establishing a rate of 40 million new users per quarter.

In 2020, Apple announced its “Apple One” consolidated service system, which brings together access to Apple platforms for a single payment and with different subscription levels.

These plans are located in a price range between 15 and 30 dollars, depending on access and storage capacity in iCloud, Apple’s cloud hosting service and relief from the constant headache due to non-expandable space in the iPhone or iPad.

In addition to this package of solutions, millions of people in the world acquire these tools independently, regardless of the operating system of the device with access to the Apple ID.

For about 3 years now, Apple TV and Apple Music have been integrated into external environments such as Samsung’s TizenOS, LG’s webOS, Google TV and Roku. In addition, the Appl Music application is available from the Play Store for devices with Android OS.

Apple One is already more expensive

This powerful loyalty process, however, could suffer a setback in the coming weeks, due to the price increase in services announced on October 24.

“The change in Apple Music is due to an increase in licensing costs and, in turn, artists and composers will earn more by streaming their music. We also continue to add innovative features that make Apple Music the best listening experience in the world,” an Apple spokesperson told 9to5Mac .

As of that date, the price of Apple Music increases to US$10.99 (personal plan), US$16.99 (family) and US$109 (personal annual plan). In addition to the increase in Apple TV+ to $6.99 a month, Apple One adds three dollars to the Personal ($16.95), Family ($22.95) and Premier ($32.95) plan in the US.