Apple speaks out on the war between Ukraine and Russia

Apple CEO Tim Cook used his Twitter to speak out on this case in search of “peace.”


Apple , through its CEO Tim Cook , has spoken out about the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Through his Twitter account, Cook announced that Apple will offer local humanitarian support to  Ukraine.

“I am deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We are doing everything we can for our teams there and will support local humanitarian efforts. I think of the people who are in danger right now and I join all those who call for peace,” Cook said.

Apple is in Russia, but not in Ukraine

Interestingly, Apple maintains a location in Moscow, Russia, after having problems with the local government , which has forced it to maintain dedicated staff in its territory, in addition to pre-installing apps arranged  by local ministries.

On the Ukraine side, however, Apple does not maintain an official store, but does have an office for local distributors. The company also announced that it would partner with repair shops, supplying unofficial technicians with the original parts and tools they need to repair the company’s devices.