Apple started manufacturing its iPhone 13 in India

Apple has started producing its iPhone 13  in India , one of the most important technology markets in recent years.


According to Reuters , Apple is working with a Foxconn plant in the city of Sriperumbudir, Tamil Nadu, where its devices will be assembled.

India, the spotlight

India is becoming a world technology hub for both production and sales of equipment and services.

The largest companies are migrating or opening their own offices in the country to have local representation in this market.

The iPhone 13 will be the fourth device that Apple manufactures in India. The company began domestic production in 2017 with the original iPhone SE.

In addition, the Indian government has used multiple tools to pressure companies to manufacture locally, including investment rules that require local sourcing for 30% of parts. Rising import tariffs have also played a role.

Apple has also been diversifying its production outside of China to avoid trade disputes and other problems that could come with heavy reliance on that country. Indian production could help Apple weather temporary outages at Chinese plants. The company was also reportedly set to move some AirPod and MacBook manufacturing to Vietnam.