Apple strengthens its autonomous car project by hiring a former Tesla executive

Apple  has hired the former director of autopilot software for Tesla to strengthen its draft your next car autonomous .

Apple wants to beef up its efforts in developing its next autonomous car , for that reason, it has hired a former Tesla engineer, Christopher Moore, who has previously made some criticism of Elon Musk’s company plansand his claim of ” total autonomous driving “ .

The Cupertino tech giant has been quietly working on its autonomous electric car project for more than five years under the codename Project Titan . 

The work team has seen great leadership turnover, some reports point to partnerships with other companies and more.

Tesla minds at Apple

According to Bloomberg , Apple chose Moore to its team working on Project Titan , according to people familiar with the matter. Christopher Moore will be working on autonomous driving software and will report to Stuart Bowers, another former Tesla executive who joined Apple late last year. 

Apple’s project to build its own autonomous electric car has had several potential partners , but recently it appears that it will venture down this path alongside Foxconn , as the assembly company has shown interest in becoming a car contract company.