Apple TV + presents the first trailer for ‘Blush’, a promising animated short

This animated short comes as part of an alliance with Skydance Animation. It will not be the only collaboration between content platforms.

Apple TV + continues to take steps in its strategy to position itself as a platform for high-quality content. Productions like Ted Lasso are followed by others aimed at other audiences and with a different format, which is understood as part of the expansion that the company is working on within streaming . The most recent novelty in this regard is related to Blush , an animated short .

This production is part of a more ambitious strategy on the part of the company, in which there will be other projects of this style. At a glance, according to the synopsis provided by Apple TV +: “ Blush follows the journey of a stranded astronaut-horticulturist’s chances of survival after he crashes on a desolate dwarf planet. When an ethereal visitor arrives, the once-lonely traveler discovers the joy of building a new life and realizes that the universe has delivered an astonishing salvation. ”

The first preview of Blush suggests that the animated short will have a first-rate quality , in keeping with the tradition imposed by studios such as Pixar and DreamWorks Animation. The music, judging by how little it was heard, may also be another of the strengths of this animated short. As a statement of principles, it seems more than a solid proposal in the absence of more information on the script.

Something about which there are more details has to do with the alliance between Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation , which has resulted in this first content.

Blush and the alliance between Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation

Blush is billed as “the beautiful first short film to debut as part of an extensive multi-year partnership (between Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation) to deliver innovative premium animated films and theatrical quality animated television series in more than 100 countries where there is Apple TV + ”.

In a press release published on their website, from Apple TV + they detail: “The films and series created and produced by Skydance Animation will be released together with Apple Original Films.” Blush is directed and written by Emmy Joe Mateo, who participated in productions such as Prep & Landing and Big Hero 6 . The production, meanwhile, is in charge of Heather Schmidt Feng Yanu ( Toy Story , Cars ) and John Lasseter ( Toy Story , Monsters, Inc. and Cars ).

A Blush other projects will be added as part of the alliance between Apple and Skydance Original Films Animation: Luck and Spellbound , and The Search for WondLa , an animated series, including projects that will be announced progressively. Blush will be available on Apple TV + starting October 1, 2021 .