Apple TV wants you to have an iPhone or iPad to accept the terms and conditions

A user shared his problems with the Apple streaming device on Twitter .


It’s no secret that Apple wants users to stay within its ecosystem of devices, but a new practice negatively affects Apple TV owners who don’t have an iPhone or iPad.

A viral tweet shows how seriously Apple takes its ecosystem.

One user complained that he constantly receives notifications to accept the new iCloud terms and conditions, which cannot be seen on his Apple TV 4K . Apple requires you to have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 .

I have an Apple TV .

I don’t have any other Apple device . Neither.

Every time I start Apple TV , I get this notification,” the tweet states.

Not even Apple users are spared

By requiring an iPhone or iPad to read the terms and conditions before accepting them, Apple limits the experience of a user who purchases an Apple TV as a single device.

In addition, users who have a Mac are also left out along with those who have old iPhones or iPads that are not compatible with iOS 16 .

The takeaway is simple: an Apple TV is for you if you’re deep into the Apple ecosystem .