Apple users report that iOS 15.4 is draining their iPhone’s battery

The new iOS update is causing problems on the iPhone  of many users. A fix is ​​expected from Apple soon .


Apple recently released the latest update to the iPhone operating system: iOS 15.4 . The update includes features like Face ID with a mask, a gender-neutral voice option for Siri, AirTag anti-harassment alerts, live integration with notes and reminders, and the long-awaited launch of Universal Control.

However, while the new features bring with them a lot of new features , some users are now complaining that their iPhone ‘s battery levels have been affected after the update.

“The battery life in iOS 15.4 is really bad. At 24 hours I lost 80%, but the screen was active for no more than 2 hours and I only use Safari, YouTube, Instagram, Uber”, testifies a user. Another states that “my phone is stuck at 95% or 97% charge, then when I unplug it it shows 100% maybe 5 minutes later or after a reboot and then it dies quickly”.

What’s going on?

This iOS 15.4 comes pre-installed on the iPhone 13 series in its new green color variant, as well as the latest iPhone SE 3 5G .

It could be assumed that the drop in autonomy is associated with the activation of the 120 Hz screen of the iPhone 13 Pro. Indeed, Apple has activated the high refresh rate in social network applications, such as Twitter or Instagram. Until now, these applications were limited to 60 Hz, which consumes less power. However, it will be noted that many older iPhone users (iPhone 11, iPhone 12…); that don’t have a 120Hz screen are also affected.

In recent times, each update of the operating system has been accompanied by a series of complaints. However, this is a completely normal phenomenon and, most of the time, temporary.

In fact, the installation of an update activates a series of tasks in the background. These various tasks, such as battery calibration, drain battery life. It only takes a few days for the calibration to complete and everything is back to normal. However, Apple is never slow to offer a patch to fix a possible bug.