Apple waiting: European Union decides this June 7 on universal connector for phones

With this measure, Apple will be forced to change the iPhone connector to the USB-C standard.


For years, Apple stayed away from universal cell phone systems to give preference to its “lightning” standard, a USB-based technology that became the differential of the iPhone for charging for more than a decade. However, this alternate path will come to an end with the decision of the European Community, which has long tried to push the debate for the standardization of USB-C in mobile devices.

According to Reuters , this June 7 representatives of the member countries of the European Union will meet to establish a single position on the common connector for headphones, tablets and phones. This measure will directly impact the Apple catalog.

This debate has been going on for generations after the micro USB standard was adopted in the late 2000s among Android phone builders. Prior to this agreement, each cell phone had a unique connector and could not be used with another model or brand.