Apple wants to minimize its dominant position by highlighting third-party apps in its App Store

Apple noted that it only has 60 of its own apps in the App Store .


Apple published a report on the success of third-party apps in its App Store on Thursday with a clear intention to show.

it does not want to be affected by regulations against monopolistic practices.

The report, prepared by Analysis Group , reveals interesting data.

Since the App Store launched more than 10 years ago, third-party apps have grown from 500 to more than 1.8 million. Apple also highlights that it only offers 60 of its apps.

“Today, more than 99.99% of apps on iOS are made by third parties, giving life to a growing and competitive marketplace,” says Apple .

Apple also does not forget to point out that it does not have its own apps for various categories such as social networks, dating apps, food and drinks.

The statement also shows several categories in which Apple does not lead in its same ecosystem: maps and music/movie streaming.

The problem is not necessarily the apps

Accusations of monopolistic practices against Apple come from the use of the App Store as the only way to install apps on iPhones .

The company also charges a 30% commission for microtransactions made in the store. Apple is known for not allowing apps hosted on the App Store to direct you to another payment method.

Apple doesn’t need its other apps to lead the App Store . The App Store is the only way to install apps on iPhones  , and that gives you the ability to make decisions like getting Fortnite out .