Apple wants you to wear its next virtual reality glasses at parties: it could be a failure

Everything indicates that June will be the month in which Apple presents its next virtual reality devices. Its rumored price? 3 thousand dollars.


Rumors about virtual reality glasses are the order of the day and all that remains is for Apple to confirm them.

This June the company is expected to finally show this device, which has high expectations: it is expected that you will even use it at parties.

VR Party

These devices, according to Apple expert Mark Gurman, would cost up to $3,000, a very high and challenging price for the company.

Especially at its rumored price point, the device will likely be a hard sell. Worse still, an internal presentation suggested that “people will wear the headphones at parties in the physical world, interacting with people through external devices,” according to Bloomberg .

The stakes are high, as former Apple marketing executive Michael Gartenberg told the outlet that the device could end up being “one of the great tech flops of all time.”

years work

The company has been working on the device since at least 2015, with more than 1,000 engineers working on the project, costing Apple more than $1 billion each year.

According to one of Gurman’s sources, engineers on the project joked that they were working on the project just to keep CEO Tim Cook happy.

Previous leaks have also suggested that it will have an outward-facing display to mimic its user’s facial expressions, an intriguing design decision that may set the product apart from competing offerings, but could make the experience even more awkward in social gatherings.