Apple: What do the colors of the LED lights on AirPods represent?

Apple AirPods not only have a good design, but also the LED lights they have represent different meanings.


In this section you will understand what each color of LED lights means.

AirPods not only look good, they also have advanced technology in their operation. A clear example is the LED lights they handle, each color wants to communicate something to the user. However, some people using AirPods may be unaware of what each color represents.

Apple headphones , better known as AirPods, at first glance only have a charging case, headphones and LED lights. These lights have different meanings, which in this guide you will learn to understand what each color means.

What colors of the LED lights indicate the battery percentage?

green LED

This color of LED means that the earphones have more than 90% charge

Green LED and the charging case

The case has a battery greater than 90%. It also means that the process is not complete if it is loading.

orange LED

Orange LED light means the headphones are below 90% battery.

Orange LED and case

The case is below 90% charged. If it is charging, it means charging is not complete.

LED off

When the case is opened and the LED lights do not turn on, it means that it has no battery.

What colors of the LED lights indicate errors and reconnections?

In this section you will see other meanings of the LED lights of the AirPods

LED lights orange and flashing

They can mean two things: The first that the headphones have been put in the wrong case and the other that an update error has occurred. But, this has a solution, you just have to press the button, which is located on the back of the charging case, for that, the headphones must be inside and with the lid open until you see the white LED light.

LED lights white and flashing

It means that the AirPods are ready to pair with the devices. This will be seen when they are released or restored.