Apple: Why does the apple in the logo have a bite mark?

When analyzing the isotype of  Apple, there are many questions that come to mind, such as the origin of the apple and why it is bitten.


Apple will celebrate 46 years since its creation as a brand, which was recognized by its minimalist apple logo. This is a characteristic of the company because it has always been concerned with its design and image, in addition to providing experience to its users.

Many Apple users have ever wondered why the apple of the brand appears bitten, for that reason, this question will be addressed in the following note.

The apple logo

The logo that gave rise to the most popular ‘apple’ of brands was created by designer Rob Janoff. It was until 2009 when he was encouraged to talk about his origin, referring to it as an urban legend   It’s a wonderful urban legend.”

The truth is that the Apple logo is so popular that any apple logo is immediately associated with the brand, especially if it has a bite. Here there are two points to clarify: the origin of the bite and the Apple apple, why not another fruit?

Among the myths that haunted the internet, it was speculated that it was a tribute to  Alan Turing , a British-born mathematician who cracked the Nazi code and who played a major role during World War II. Turing died in 1952, when he was found to have been poisoned by eating an apple laced with cyanide.

It was speculated that Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple company , loved such a character very much and based his brand on him, although nothing could be further from the truth. Other myths even include the ‘forbidden apple’ that appears in the Bible, of Adam and Eve.

Apple’s bite into the apple

Janoff commented that the bite serves to ” provide a clear vision that it is an apple”  since due to the size of the fruit it could be confused with a cherry or other round fruit. In addition, the bite allows it to adapt to devices of different sizes, in case the logo is small. For this reason, the Apple apple has no other meaning than its contribution to branding.