Apple will allow its users to unlock iPhone with the mask on

This feature will be enabled with the next iOS update . However, it will only be available for  newer iPhone models.


Apple has announced thati Phones  can finally be unlocked with facial recognition despite having a mask on.

Starting with the next update, iOS 15.4 , there will be an option called “ Face ID with a mask ” , where the feature will scan the area around the eyes to identify the owner of the iPhone.

unlock tool

Face ID is powered by machine learning: it gets faster and crashes less as time goes on. However, this tool has a number of drawbacks.

First, Face ID with a mask will be slightly slower and less accurate than full-face Face ID , requiring the user to always look directly at the screen, without wearing black glasses.

But the bigger point is that the feature will only be available for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and their respective Pro models .

How to set up Face ID with mask for iPhone?

“Use Face ID with mask ” can be activated from Settings > Face ID .

At the moment, it is only available in the beta version of the iOS 15.4 system , so it will be necessary to wait a few weeks for its worldwide launch in all the mentioned models.