Apple will allow you to use your iPhone as a webcam without cables

Apple has introduced a new feature under ‘Continuity’ with which we can use our iPhone as a webcam on a MacBook.


Apple watches its users very closely, and WWDC 2022 is still evidence. With the pandemic, the use of webcams has been constant, but there was no possibility of having native support to turn an iPhone into a webcam for our video conferences. That ends with iOS 16 and macOS ventura.

At the event, Apple unveiled an adapter that allows the iPhone to sit on top of a MacBook display. This accessory, available soon, allows you to position the phone in complete safety. To match it, it will simply be recognized by the proximity between both teams.

By adding it to the edge, we can use the lens on the computer and play with the depth of field tools to blur the background and prioritize our face. Even this system allows the inclusion of artificial lighting that we use for the iPhone when taking photos.

This function will be available with the update to iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura, making the process of answering a call directly managed by proximity between devices. This adds a tremendous layer for those who want a quality webcam and use the iPhone to achieve it, but without complications.