Apple will include advertising in the App Store from this October 25: what you should know

Apple will allow developers to include advertising for their apps within the App Store.


The fact that there is advertising in mobile environments is not new , but its arrival at Apple has other readings. Starting October 25 , Apple’s brand will include app advertising in certain parts of the App Store.

Be careful, we are talking about a movement different from that of brands like Xiaomi, a company that is used to crowding the MIUI interface with advertising, its customization of Android for phones and tablets. In this case, the guidelines determined by Apple are clear , although they leave doubts regarding the impact on the developer community.

Apple Ads in the App Store

This 2022, we have witnessed a substantial change in the conditions of the App Store. A few months ago, Apple had announced new policies for updating applications and their presence in the recommendations. This new figure proposes to improve the scope of applications under payment within the platform.

Specifically, Apple will display advertising on the main page of the App Store , in addition to adding apps in the section “you might be interested in” at the bottom. This confirmation came in a letter sent to the developers.

In the event that a developer wants to buy advertising within the App Store, they must create a campaign in the creator tools section and wait for the company to approve the promotion for deployment.

Among the conditions, the fact that offers or discounts will not be accepted, nor misleading advertising, stands out. In addition, features displayed as part of the advertisement are required to be displayed with a screenshot of the app itself.

The problems of advertising in the App Store

With a ‘Today’ tab ad, your app can appear prominently on the first page of the App Store, making it one of the first pieces of content users see when they start their visit to the App Store. guides.

For Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist very close to Apple, he pointed out that the company seeks to triple its profits in the advertising field and obtain at least 10 billion dollars per year in the future. Along with this move, Gurman mentions that Apple plans to add advertising to search results on Apple Maps.

However, there are certain concerns among the community. MacRumors refers to a legal-oriented tweet, in which it is mentioned that this modality could increase “the effective tax rate of applications, forcing developers to buy ads on their own application pages to prevent others from driving users away.” customers there.