Apple would be developing an iPad Pro with a 16-inch screen, according to a report

The report indicates that Apple  is already preparing a 16-inch iPad Pro but, despite this, it would not be a merger of its tablet and its Mac laptop .


Apple would be developing a new version of iPad Pro with a 16-inch screen, according to a new report. This new product would be added to the technology firm’s catalog in the fourth quarter of 2023, probably around the same date that the iPad Pro M2 will be launched on the market but applied to the next year.

The report comes from a source familiar with the matter that The Information portal  cited, where it is also detailed that this tablet would be specifically aimed at creative professionals, so it would not be a product for a broader market like the other iPad models. that Apple has already released. The report compares it to the Pro Display XDR or the Mac Pro , products designed for a small but important audience.

A new Apple alternative for creatives

The source cited by the portal mentioned that the buyers to whom this new 16-inch iPad Pro is directed could use the Apple Pencil in it, being a much larger work canvas than the other versions, perfect to be used together with applications such as Procreate, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator , among others.

However, the report does not mention any specific features or additional information besides the dimensions of the screen such as a possible launch window or the price, which could possibly end up being very high.

This would not be the rumored merger of iPad and Mac

Although The Information speculated that this new device would be Apple ‘s way of embodying the speculated merger of iPadOS and MacOS due to its laptop-like size, Ars Technica mentioned that this would be highly unlikely given that its approach artistic would take it away from the typical use of laptops.

For example, the aspect ratio of the iPad could make it unwieldy to use in a laptop format with that screen size, assuming it has the same aspect ratio as other iPad Pro models .

In addition, Apple spokesmen have repeatedly denied that the company intends to merge the Mac and iPad platforms , despite the fact that with each new model launched they begin to share more features. “They are made to serve very different clients or, at least, very different uses, but that does not mean that the two platforms and their users cannot benefit from some cross-pollination of functions” , concludes Ars Technica .