Apple’s first folding screen device will arrive in 2024, according to Samsung executives

Those responsible for the Samsung Mobile Experience are sure that Apple will  enter the market for folding devices in 2024.


Apple  has been extremely secretive with the development of its folding cell phones and despite the fact that it has not provided much information about it, there are indications and reports that indicate that the first device of the technology firm with this type of screen would arrive in 2024 and now, until some Samsung executivesagree that this will be the year it will finally launch.

As reported by TheElec , the officials in charge of organizing the Samsung Mobile Experience (MX) expect Apple to launch its first folding device in 2024. However, they point out that they expect it to be an iPhone, but rather a folding tablet or laptop as other reports they also mention, the most prominent being CCS Insight .

In addition, these Samsung executives also believe that 90% of current foldable phone users will buy a device with these characteristics again in their next purchase, demonstrating their strong commitment and conviction for the role of this type of device in the market.

Apple’s first foldable device would be a tablet

The multiple reports that have been published over the last few months mention that Apple ‘s folding device is already in development, but that it is still a long way from being launched. However, they emphasize that it is a fact that the technology firm wants to enter this market since it is aware of the massive success that other companies had with their folding phones, especially Samsung .

Last October, Samsung met with suppliers for an analysis of the smartphone market and, from this conversation, some data about Apple and its supposed tablet with a folding screen were leaked. The South Korean firm maintains the idea that those from Cupertino will begin their journey through this sector of the market with a tablet and not with an iPhone as many other reports mention.

Apple wants a slice of Samsung’s market

It is a fact that due to the great sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip , Apple would be looking to create its own version capable of giving it a significant share of this market. Since 2020, sales of foldable mobile devices have increased by 300% and, since 2021, some 10 million smartphones with this type of screen have been placed.

Now that other companies have also begun to be interested in the folding mobile market such as Huawei , Apple would enter a crucial moment for this trend since users have opted for those who decided to enter first, as is the case with Samsung . Time will tell if those from Cupertino are really preparing a tablet or an iPhone as their first device with these characteristics.