Apple’s virtual reality glasses will be powerful, but also expensive

Bloomberg notes that Apple ‘s glasses will have an M1 Pro chip and will cost up to $2,000.


Rumors about Apple ‘s work on virtual and augmented reality  glasses continue to grow and now Bloomberg reveals some key points of its development, such as its processor and its possible cost.

According to Mark Gurman , an analyst for the media, Apple ‘s virtual reality glasses will be powerful by having an M1 Pro chip , the highest version of its own Macbook and iPad processor, which is why its cost will be higher than normal: 2000 dollars.

For gaming?

Apple is equipping the glasses with its most powerful processor for a possible reason, says Gurman: it will be focused on video games .

Gurman states that “the chip inside Apple ‘s glasses will be equivalent to the M1 Pro, making it better than the M1. The main reason for going with the M1 Pro and not the M1 is not the speed of the CPU, but the need for have more advanced graphics.

But, in addition to gaming, the glasses also seek to have an impact on the consumption of audiovisual content in a different way than has been done so far, so having the best graphics will be vital to attract new users.

Gurman points out that the glasses have been in development since 2015, but only a few years ago when we have known the reports about the work . Analysts pointed out that it was possible to see announcements this 2022, but with a shortage of semiconductors in between, it is a little unlikely.

Finally, the analyst also provides his name alternatives for the device: Apple Vision, Apple Reality and Apple Sight (iSigh),