Armie Hammer has broken his silence after the scandal that overwhelmed him two years ago and which had very serious consequences on his career.


What happened

The actor, seen in films such as The Social Network , Mine , Call me by your name and Murder on the Nile ended up at the center of a real media case, due to some private messages he allegedly sent on Instagram. Messages that were sexually explicit, and made reference to some violent practices, including cannibalism.
Hammer was also charged with rape, but the actor’s lawyers promptly denied the charges.

The abuses suffered

In the interview, Hammer revealed that he had thought about suicide, adding that his behaviors are the direct consequence of the sexual abuse he suffered at the age of 13 at the hands of a young priest.

He brought sexuality into my life in a way that was completely out of my control. In that situation I was powerless, I could not react. Sexuality was presented to me in a terrifying way and it made my interests focus on being in sexual control.

The actor admitted that he exploited his celebrity status for sexual purposes, with abusive and emotionally offensive behavior.

They were young in their 20s and 30s, while I was in my mid-30s. At the time, I was a successful actor. They would have been happy just to be with me and would have said yes to things they wouldn’t have allowed in normal situations. This situation demonstrates a clear imbalance of power.

Hammer underwent a long period of rehabilitation, during which he contemplated suicide:

I dived into the ocean and started swimming as far as I could. I have hoped to drown, to be run over by a boat or eaten by a shark. Then I realized my kids were still on land, I couldn’t do this to them.

However, it seems that now he has managed to find his balance:

I’m here to account for my mistakes, taking responsibility for my actions, for being selfish, for using people for pure self-satisfaction. Now I feel like a healthier, happier, more balanced person. […] I’m really grateful for my life, my recovery and everything. I would never go back to undo what happened.

The support of Robert Downey Jr.

As we know, it was Robert Downey Jr. who convinced Armie Hammer to embark on a rehabilitation journey.
The former Tony Stark of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had to struggle in the early years of his career with addictions and it was he who paid for Armie Hammer ‘s rehab period (almost six months) in Florida.

Robert Downey Jr. has been through a lot and found his redemption. And in this fervor of cancel culture and woke movements it seems to me that this is exactly what is missing. The moment someone makes a mistake, he is thrown away. Rehabilitation is not contemplated. When they throw a person like me into a fire to protect themselves, they just stoke that fire. And now that fire is out of control and will eventually burn everyone.

Armie Hammer is currently helping a fellow addict in rehab:

I intend to live with him for a while, introduce him to a healthy routine, take him to the gym, cook for him. I feel like my recovery has reached a tipping point, I’ve gone from being a help seeker to one who can help others.