Change of plans: Marvel has announced that Armor Wars will no longer be a series for Disney + , but a movie, and will be released in theaters.

The news was first given by The Hollywood Reporter , and then confirmed by the House of Ideas.

The studio therefore decided that a feature film is the best way to tell this story. Yassir Lester , previously hired as the series head writer , remains in the role of screenwriter, but the project does not yet have a director. The impression is that development times will lengthen, so we don’t know if the work will start in 2023, as Don Cheadle had hinted some time ago. Those who were preparing for future filming were only warned yesterday of this change.

The protagonist will be Cheadle as James Rhodes , aka War Machine , who will have to face the loss of his friend Tony Stark and defend his legacy. It seems that Armor Wars , when it was still a series, should have taken place immediately after Secret Invasion , but we don’t know if the plans will remain the same. However, Rhodes will be among the characters of the latter, which will be released next year on Disney + .

We will keep you posted.

The announcement

The synopsis

For the moment we have only a small official description of the series:

A classic Marvel story where Tony Stark’s greatest fear comes true: what happens when his technology falls into the wrong hands?

The screenwriter

The script was entrusted to Yassir Lester , who has worked as a screenwriter and / or story editor on numerous shows, including Girls, Earth to Ned and Black Monday .

The comic

Armor Wars is inspired (we don’t know how faithfully) by the narrative cycle of the same name byDavid Michelinie, Bob Layton, Mark D. BrightandBarry Windsor-Smith, published between 1987 and 1988. In the story,Tony Starkdiscovers that the armor of various supervillains – such asStilt Man, Crimson Dynamo, Scaraband others – are based on the technologies he developed forIron Man. Aware that his work has been stolen and used for nefarious purposes,Tonygoes on a hunt for the aforementioned criminals, eventually colliding withFirepower.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tony sacrificed his life to save the universe in Avengers : Endgame , so he won’t appear in the series. The protagonist will be Rhodey / War Machine , but we don’t know any other details about it.