Artemis 1 completed successfully: The Orion capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean

Orion returned to the planet after 25 days of his mission to the Moon . The return of humans to the satellite will depend on its results.


The Orion capsule successfully returned to the planet after 25 days in the so-called Artemis 1 mission towards the orbit of the Moon .

At 12:40 p.m. Peru, the ship splashed down in the Pacific Ocean after correctly opening its parachutes. Space agencies NASA and ESA hailed the success of the program.

Thus returned Orion

The transmission of the agencies began at 11 o’clock in the morning, with Orion still 24 thousand kilometers away from Earth.

From there, the ship  sent beautiful postcards of the planet

At a speed of more than 20 thousand kilometers per hour, Orion would also try a new way of re-entry to the planet: it would enter the atmosphere to take a “jump” and then re-enter with greater precision.

He did so successfully and landed after activating his parachutes off the coast of Baja California.

A return that will solve doubts

The success of this mission is key because it will determine what needs to be improved for Artemis II , the second flight of the capsule, but now with humans.

Said flight is expected to take place in 2023, but due to months-long delays with the first Artemisa I flight , it may not take place until 2024.